Fall 2013

Fall 2013

October 29, 2012

{ Crazy Hair Harrison! }

Today was Crazy Hair Day at Harrison's school.  He had a mohawk, or actually a faux hawk, for Rock Star Day last year and loved it.  He couldn't wait to do it again!  This year he decided to at paint in his school colors!

Here's my boy with a blue and orange mohawk!

He was very specific about the color placement.  No color in the front and alternating color on the sides!
 The paint looked much brighter in person for some reason.
 Once we got the mohawk all gelled up, we realized just how long his hair had gotten!
And how he's scheduled for a haircut TOMORROW!  :0)

Such fun being a first grader!  :)

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Granna said...

Very cool, Harrison!